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Mark Petersen, owner, and CEO of the Petersen Companies, regularly drove through the Grand Prairie area and found himself thinking someone should build a hotel in the area soon. Month’s passed and there was never a word about a hotel development in the area. After careful consideration, Mark determined he would follow his instincts, and in late 2007, Petersen Hotels opened its first hotel properties. Today, Petersen Hotels has grown to include seven properties in Central Illinois. Each hotel is dedicated to surpassing all guests’ expectations of comfort, convenience, and quality by providing outstanding properties and superior customer service to meet the needs of every traveler.

Guest Experiences

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The Holiday Inn & Suites Peoria at Grand Prairie was a cut above my previous experiences with Holiday Inn hotels. This hotel was a major upgrade in comparison to hotels known for luxurious amenities. The hotel had very comfortable beds, modern design and wood flooring. The on-site Bar as nicely stocked and the service there was great. Everything about this hotel just seemed “upgraded” from any other hotels. I can’t quite put my finger on everything, it just had a great feel and it was a great stay.

Holiday Inn & Suites | Peoria, IL January 31, 2017

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